Managed Print

Every year businesses are tasked with new ways on how to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency. Considering your annual budget, which area of your business costs can you reduce by 30%? How about your print and copy costs? Many offices have printers, copiers, scanners and MFD’s scattered around the office and there’s no control over their operations – this leads to significantly higher print/copy costs.

Independent research analysts Gartner refers to this part of the business as ‘the last great area of uncontrolled costs’.

The solution to this challenge is a more structured approach to document production – A Managed Print Service.

What is a Managed Print Service?

A Managed Print Service encompasses hardware, software, supplies and service and is offered by most manufacturers and major copier/printer dealers. It typically comprises of the following:

Discover:: We will undertake an independent print investigation to identify your print volumes and understand user needs.

Design:: We will produce a detailed scoping document setting out a tailor-made strategy designed to ensure maximum savings and sustainable benefits. On agreement of this strategy, both our organizations, working in partnership will develop a model and schedule that will focus on optimizing your print fleet and introducing best practice.

Implement: - We will ensure the latest technology, alongside integration of software and workflow solutions are implemented to create more efficient and cost effective working methods. Expert and on-going training is provided to minimize the effect of culture change amongst your workforce.

Manage: On-going training and development is provided to minimize the effect of culture change amongst your workforce and are on-hand to offer advice as and when required.

Review: : Managed Print Solutions are not a ‘quick fix makeover’. Instead it is a mutually supportive long term productive partnership that is based on a foundation of honesty, openness and trust, supported by a program of continuous review.

Key Benefits of a Managed Print Service Include:

•    Savings of 30% and more on your copy print costs
•    Single Supplier for equipment, service and support
•    Internal IT resource can concentrate on core tasks
•    Employee Productivity is enhanced
•    Confidential documents remain secure
•    Environmental targets will be met